First of all, thank you for giving your kindness and cooperation to our business.
In a digital age, it is easier to circulate photographs but at the same time many problems are arising. It is imperative for us to respond to these problems. Moreover, it is an age of which the field of "Photograph" is expected to have a stronger social responsibility. It is our responsibility to address these needs.
The "Japan Photograph Copyright Association" aiming to create a better environment for both copyright holders and the users. We would greatly appreciate your increased support.
Japan Photograph copyright association
Chairman Takeyoshi Tanuma

About JPCA

Name: Japan Photographic Copyright Association
Establishment: May 31, 1971
Incorporation: June 5, 2003
Address: 25, Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0082 JCII building 304

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