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Copyright holder name: 細江英公 / EIKOH HOSOE
Copyright holder ID: HJPI320100001405
Production year: 2005
Works name: 大野一雄 胡蝶の夢 大野一雄と曾孫の良弥くん(生後一ヶ月半)右端の手は母親の金光圭子さん 2005年12月18日 横浜自宅にて / Kazuo Ohno-The Butterfry Dream/Kazuo Ohno and his great-grand son, Yoshiya, one month and a half , photographed at his home on December 18th , 2005
Production place: 日本国内 / Japan
Content ID: IPJP010000005756
Search items: Human,Portrait,Stage,Cultural assets

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