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How to use JPCA-Graphica search pages
1. The purpose of this web site is to search copyright holder. In order to search many production of copyright holder, the web site uses “OR” search method.
2. If you need more copyright holder information that not showing on the website, please directly contact using by e-mail or website who owns by copyright holder.
3. Please select maximum of 4 keywords from the top (19 items/ 53 words). Please select one of them (Photograph/art/graphic design) By selecting order of the name of copyright holder/Production/Production year/ Production place/content ID, you search production and copyright holder if you know.
The order display of search
Keyword(A maximum of four items are chosen from the following.)
Landscape(Sea, Mountain, Forest / Tree, Lake / River)
City/Village(The countryside, Garden, Building, Room, Mirror / Window)
Remains(Trip, Religion, Nature, Tradition)
Science(Sky, Space, Weather)
Environment(Still life, a plant / a flower, an animal, the water)
Human(Body, Man, Woman, Child, Old man, Community, Family)
Portrait(Portrait, Self-portrait, Nude)
Snapshots(Festival, Manners and Customs, Society)
Play(Labor, Education)
Case/Affair(War, Politics, News, Record)
Poverty(Disease, Medical treatment, Death)
Cultural assets(Art)
Industry(Industry / Economy)
Advertisement / Fashion
Traffic(Car, Bicycle, Railroad, Ship, Airplane)
Words(Sign / Letter)
Genre(One is chosen from three sorts of a Photograph / Art / Graphic design.)
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